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cabriolet n : small two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage; with two seats and a folding hood [syn: cab]

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From cabriolet.


  1. An automobile with a retractable top.
  2. A light two wheeled carriage with a folding top pulled by a single horse



an automobile with a retractable top
  • Finnish: avoauto
  • German: Cabrio, Cabriolet, Kabriolett
a light two wheeled carriage with a folding top pulled by a single horse




fr-noun f
  1. a convertible car
fr-noun m
  1. a cabriolet



  1. cabriolet


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The term cabriolet can refer either to a kind of horse-drawn carriage or to a type of automobile:

Horse-drawn carriage

A Cabriolet is a light, two-wheeled carriage drawn by a single horse, with a folding hood, seating two people facing forward, one of whom is the driver. It has a large rigid apron, gracefully upward-curving shafts, and usually a rear platform between the C springs for a groom. The design was developed in France in the early nineteenth century and quickly replaced the heavier hackney carriage as the vehicle for hire of choice in Paris and London.
The "cab" of taxi-cab or "hansom cab" is a shortening of "cabriolet". Other types of horse-drawn cab include:
*araba or aroba: used in Turkey and neighboring countries
*araña: Mexican, two-wheeled
*bounder: four-wheeled
*gharry or gharri: used especially in India
*minibus: light carriage, usually with a rear door and seats for four passengers; formerly used as a cab
*two-wheeler: two-wheeled cab or hansom
One who drives a horse-drawn cab for hire is called a cabdriver or jehu. A cab horse or cabber is used for drawing a cab.

Two-door convertible automobile

A Cabriolet, also known as a cabrio or drophead coupe, is a type of convertible — an automobile with a flexibly operating roof allowing for open or enclosed mode driving — specifically having only two doors.


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